Naming conventions for FHIR resources in NHS contexts

Hi all,

I wondered if there was any up to date NHS context documentation on things like

  1. naming conventions for FHIR resources (particularly ValueSets)
  2. Logical ids (id element) being opaque (or not)

On (1) I found this:

but for instance the UK Core ValueSets do not seem to conform precisely, e.g.

(2) The second issue is around whether the logical server id (the id element) should be opaque (e.g. UUID) or not (e.g. for the ValueSet above it is “UKCore-ConditionCategory”, and the document above mandates a similar behaviour. There seems little consistency on this globally and I wondered what local opinion was.



Hi Jeremy,

Apologies for the delay in getting back to you.

The Interoperability Standards team (IOPS) are looking into this and will respond in full, as soon as possible.

Thank you

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