Intermittant errors connecting to live /token end point

We’ve recently rolled out PDS FHIR to one of our clients.

We’re generating the JWT using Node code running on Amazon Lamba.

Intermittently (last 11th Dec 2023 18:58) we’re getting a ‘fetch failed’ from the ‘POST …/token’ call.

Is the API healthy ? Are other people seeing anything similar in other languages or environments ?


We don’t seem to have logged any outages from that time frame; that and the other APIs on our platform are in a healthy state.

I think if you’re still getting this issue, then a few more specific details about the response you are getting would be great, to help with troubleshooting.

If we have response details, then we’ll be happy to look into any issues you have.


Jon Marston
NHS England API Management

Thanks for checking. Seems to have been stable the last week…

Since we moved from Node’s built in fetch() to the Axios library, this issue doesn’t seem to have reoccur-ed.
Very odd.