Identity Provider on top of CIS2



I work at Okta. A customer of ours uses CIS2 to access the Spine. They want to explore the possibility of Okta being the Identity provider to CIS2. I know CIS2 is built on top of ForgeRock so technically it is possible.
Can someone please guide me ?



Do you mean using their Okta service as a 3rd party auth provider for CIS2 Authentication?

If so, we are currently in the process of defining how 3rd parties might provide such a service.

Hi Adrian, thanks for your reply. Correct. Oka will be the auth provider for CIS2. That is what some of our customers are asking us to support. Do you have an estimated date by when the process might be defined ?

There is no fixed timescale right now, but your interest is noted and we are working on it at the moment.

Hi Adrian,

Hope you are well. Wondering if you have some time to have a conversation (zoom or teams call) with me. Had some questions around CIS2.