How can I format the address on the response from the API call?

Is there a way to get the response like the one in Address returned for patient by id by not from patient search ?

There are records which have no address line 1 for instance, so the array format is not really helpful:


Unfortunately not, this is a limitation of FHIR, from the PDS FHIR documentation

If any of the lines are blank, they are not returned due to FHIR conformance constraints.

Hi Chris,
I’ve just hit this issue myself. Surely, I can’t be alone in thinking that this is a big problem? For years, CAP compliance has insisted on how those 5 address lines should be used, and now that’s all going to go to pot and result in address data getting dirtier and dirtier as anyone populating a system that has concepts of town/city and country (which should be all of them) will have no idea which fields in the FHIR response to put into those fields.
Am I overstating the scale of the problem? I hope so.
I’d be interested in the thoughts of the demographics team.

Just bumping this issue.