Error from GP Connect Access record HTML API in INT env

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I am trying to make a connection with GP Connect ARHTML API in INT env via SSP proxy url.

I have obtained the provider service root url from SDS FHIR API (using /Endpoint). 400 Bad Request: “{ “id”: “89921316-47f6-434b-b2d9-2f16e57719e5”, “issue”: [ { “code”: “invalid”, “details”: { “coding”: [ { “code”: “400”, “display”: “ENDPOINT**$gpc.getcarerecord", “system”: “” } ] }, “diagnostics”: "ENDPOINT$gpc.getcarerecord**”, “severity”: “error” } ], “resourceType”: “OperationOutcome”}”

I am using this end url:**Patient/$gpc.getcarerecord**

If I Use the same url directly to access the GP Connect service via postman, this is working fine. but if I give the same url from my code, I am getting the above error.

May I know in what scenarios the above error can occur?

Hi @chauhangaurav

Can you confirm which GPC API are you referring to?

GP Connect Access Record: HTML - FHIR API

GP Connect (Patient Facing) Access Record - FHIR API

I am using GP Connect Access Record: HTML - FHIR API

It seems this error is thrown by Spine proxy. It has documented as well in teh page Error handling | gpconnect.

But they have not mentioned teh reason for this. I am fetching this provider system root url from SDS fhir api. Strange this is the same full url is working fine if it is directly triggered from postman on Access record HTMl FHIR API.

Hi team,

Please suggest. I am stuck with this.

Hi @chauhangaurav

A member of the GP Connect product team will contact you directly.

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